Sci-Fi Short: HYBRIDS

25 Apr

Full story synopsis: In the wake of an alien infestation, an ex-special forces soldier loses her daughter in alien attack. Seeking revenge, she leads a team on a mission deep into alien territory. Soon, she makes a discovery which makes her question her allegiance.

I came across this short today and was pleased at how well done it is.  This is just a sneak peak at the story which they are working on a full length feature film.

HYBRIDS from wsp on Vimeo.

So you want to be Iron Man?

23 Apr

Have you ever wanted to be just like Tony Stark and have your own Iron Man suit?  Not just a costume, you want to BE Iron Man.  Well, for the most part you can, it will just cost a little bit of money.  And don’t forget all the cars and his house.  The only thing this infographic leaves out are his business suits.  He’s always a snazzy looking guy, so you know he pays a pretty penny for those (though it probably pales in comparison to the Iron Man suit).

Image source: MoneySupermarket;

Glee – Sweet Dreams

19 Apr

So you may be thinking… wait wait wait you skipped an episode!  You are probably aware that it was a very controversial episode and one that hit especially close to home for me.  I made it about halfway through before I had to stop for reasons that will be explained if/when I write about it.  I read about what happens, so I am still up with the plot, plus Glee is good with giving little snapshots of what’s been happening to keep you up to date.  Moving on to this week’s episode, Sweet Dreams.

So far this season, I have been a little underwhelmed with everything that’s been going on.  Half the cast is gone and the new one has been struggling with getting through sectionals and stuff.  Mr. Schue and Emma had a major rough patch and Mr. Schue even had a falling out with Finn.  However, this episode truly revived my faith in the show.  This is the show I fell in love with during the first season.

In this episode, things seem to be at an all time low for Mr. Schue.  Finn is off at college (and apparently partying it up with Puck) and Mr. Schue turns into, well, kind of a dick.  He picks a set of songs for regionals and is completely inflexible on them, even though Marley asks about doing some of her original songs.  The club bands together and tries to suggest to Mr. Schue that they could try some other songs instead and Mr. Schue calls out Sam, Blaine, and Unique.  Marley meets with those three later and asks them to sing one of her original songs with her that she specifically wrote for them.  The song was about how you really have more friends than you think you do and for the particular time in my life, it means a lot to me.  Think it’s sappy all you want, but this song won me over for the episode.

On another sideline, Beast encourages Mr. Schue to go to Finn and ask him to come back.  Finn is having too much fun at college and says no.  However, after a heart-to-heart with Puck about how they slacked off in high school and now they need to show people what they are really capable of, he decides to go back.  Mr. Schue agrees to treat Finn as an equal and he’s even getting college credit for his teaching degree from working with the glee club.  However, if you follow the news you’ll know that Cory Monteith (the actor that plays Finn) checked himself into rehab.  It is hard to say what the producers will do or if Cory will be able to be in the episodes while in rehab.

While things started tense with Mr. Schue and the glee club, he overheard Marley’s original and of course has a change of heart.  With Finn back, they say that they are going to work night and day to help them get through regionals and even asks Marley to teach the group some of her original songs.  They end the episode with the entire glee crew singing “Outcast”.  While it wasn’t as good as the first, I still loved the song and it brought back the idea that the glee club is for the misfits.

Outside of the high school, Rachel has a duet with her mother who has moved back to New York and started a Broadway daycare business.  Her mother encourages her to make sure she stands out for her audition for Fanny, instead of doing a Barbra Streisand song.  She later talks to Finn on the phone who encourages her to do something that takes her back to her roots.  At the audition, she walks on stage and gives music to the pianist.  Most of us, especially long time watchers of Glee, knew the song within a few beats.  Don’t Stop Believing.  You thought they were done with this song didn’t you?  Well, for those that are sick of the song, too bad for you.  For me, it brought back a sense of what the show started as and, in particular, how Rachel started.  After the first verse or so, Rachel has a sort of “vision” that she is on stage with all of the friends she started with in Glee club and uses that as a way to empower her performance.  After she sings, a producer asks her what changed midway through and she told him it was thinking about her friends and how much they encouraged her to become who she is today.  Of course, she gets a call-back.

The only thing that I did not like about the episode is that they pulled out the Harlem Shake.  I have a personal extreme dislike of the Harlem Shake.  The only good video is the one with Grumpy Cat saying NO.  Aside from that, this, for me at least, was one of, if not the, best episode so far of the season.  I think the use of the original songs really brought be back in, especially the meaning behind them.  It also gave a sense that everything is finally coming back into place and back to a sense of normalcy.  I am looking forward to more original songs.  There are only three more episodes in the season and this episode got me excited to watch them all.  I give this episode 9 nerd glasses out of 10.


Frakin Canceled…

14 Apr

I am a huge Firefly fan, but I was not there to experience the crushing sadness of it’s cancellation (though, an April Fools joke I came across on the 2nd did make me want to punch someone). But here are the list concluding shows, renewals, cancellations, and shows that are in danger. This is not an expensive list, just the ones I think are worth mentioning.


Some of these shows I was shocked to see on here, while other’s not so much.

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  • Dexter – Have people really had enough of his bloodshed?
  • Flashpoint
  • iClarly – Oh my god I’m so upset! /endsarcasm
  • Attack of the Show
  • Gossip Girl
  • Fringe
  • The Office
  • 30 Rock – This one surprised me a bit, because it seems like a well loved show.  May be one I’d have to go back and watch.
  • Breaking Bad
  • Merlin – I personally love this show, though while it is currently being put out (last season), I will not be able to watch it until it airs on BBC America, instead of just on BBC (or however it works)


There were so many on this list, though most of them I had never even heard of.  A bunch that I have heard of I have avoided.

  • The Glee Project – Interesting, I kinda figured they could continue, it’s a great source to find new talent for the show
  • Alphas – I had been following this, but the latest season has been weird and I got lost, so I’ll have to go through and re-watch it.
  • Being Human (UK) – Come on, really? This one is SO much better than the US version!
  • Dirty Jobs – Maybe he ran out of jobs? I didn’t think this was possible.

There were a bunch on this list, though many I have never seen and a bunch I have heard are just… bad.

In Danger:

  • Malibu Country – This doesn’t surprise me much
  • The Cleveland Show
  • Smash
  • CSI: NY – You can never have too much CSI… right?
  • Community – I don’t watch it, but I’ve heard lots of good things about this, it’s a little surprising.


  • Game of Thrones
  • Conan
  • The Mentalist
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • 2 Broke Girls – This is surprising.  Granted, I like the show but I figured I was the only one.
  • Elementary – Surprisingly good
  • CSI
  • CSI: Los Angeles
  • Drop Dead Diva – This one must have just squeaked by because the other week I swore I saw that it was cancled.
  • Lost Girl – I need to get caught up on this season…
  • The Following
  • New Girl
  • The Mindy Project
  • King of theNerds
  • Supernatural
  • Archer
  • Vampire Diaries – I don’t see this going anywhere soon.  I mean hell, I’ve been watching it for the last two seasons when it doesn’t have much of a plot, those that are actually into the show wouldn’t give up that easily.
  • Arrow – Yey! I do quite enjoy Arrow.  I am looking forward to see what they do with the season finale.
  • How I Met Your Mother – Dear lord, I will never been able to get caught up on this show.
  • NCIS
  • Bones – Another yey.  This is probably my favorite show on TV
  • The Walking Dead – This was a no-brainer
  • American Horror Story
  • Wilfred
  • Bob’s Burgers

Wow that’s a lot of shows.  At least you’ll have plenty to do!  Hopefully your favorites are not canceled.


Life of Pi

13 Apr

This isn’t so much of a geeky movie, but it’s the only movie I have watched since starting this blog.  I do like movies, but my time has been short lately.  But I got to sit down and watch Life of Pi today with my parents though I honestly never planned to watch this movie.  When starting this movie, I didn’t know anything about the plot other than it was about a boy and a tiger on a boat.

The movie starts off with Pi in his kitchen fixing lunch and talking to a writer.  The way it started was odd.  To me it was not clear what was going on and I did not understand who this person was or why the writer was there.  In a short while, it explains that why the writer (he was never given a name I don’t think) was in India, he met someone that told him he needed to get in contact with Pi and that was why he was there.  From there on, it is mostly Pi telling his story, though there are some scenes of Pi interacting with the writer.

Pi’s story starts off by explaining his name (Piscine Molitor) and that he is named after a public swimming pool in France.  He was teased about his name as a child and eventually takes on the name Pi by writing so many digits of Pi on the board.  From there we learn how he discovers Christianity and that he follows three religions; Christianity, Hindi, and Muslin.  While the idea of God(s) did come into play a small bit, it was not a major point for the plot.  The main start of the story is when they describe how Pi’s parents meet and the zoo they continue to run.  The family gets a new tiger at the zoo and Pi decides he wants to see it so he goes back with his brother without his father.  He gets a piece of meat and opens the door for the tiger (whose name is Richard Parker due to a clerical error) to come in from the outside.  He holds out the meat and just as the tiger gets close, the father runs in and jerks in away.  After that he makes Pi watch the tiger kill and eat a live goat to prove that animals do not “have a soul” and do not think like humans.

Life goes on and Pi meets a girl and just as they start to get close his father decides to sell all of the animals and move the family to Canada.  It seems like an odd place to move to from India, but that was the decision.  So they pack up all the animals on a boat and hit the sea.  One night Pi wakes up and runs out to watch a thunderstorm when things take a turn for the worse.  The boat starts to sink, it wasn’t clear to me why the boat has issues, but it does.  He runs back and tries to get to his family but the boat has started to fill with water.  He goes back up and some of the crew puts him on a lifeboat.  A mishap happens and he ends up alone on the lifeboat with a zebra.  When the water settles and the sun comes up, we also find that there is a hyena on the lifeboat, so Pi must try to keep the hyena from eating the zebra.  He also picks up an orangutan.  As they float along, the hyena ends up killing both the zebra and the orangutan  though the orangutan does get a good punch in, then out of nowhere, the tiger leaps on board and kills the hyena.  This is where the story really starts.

I could go into detail, but most of the rest of the movie was spent with him living between the lifeboat and a little raft he built.  He has some supplies which he ends up losing and has to resort to eating fish, even though he is vegetarian.  He keeps himself going by the thought that he has to take care of Richard Parker (mostly so he does not eat him).  There is a lot of back and forth and he makes a few attempts to train the tiger, but it has limited success.  If you must know, here is a helpful chart I found:

There are two scenes that really stood out to me.  The first is where Pi is on the boat and the tiger is trying to get him when a fish flops onto the boat.  He throws the fish to Richard Parker but it is a flying fish and glides away.  Out of nowhere  they are suddenly in the middle of a school of flying fish and the boat ends up being filled with fish that flop in and can’t get out.  A large fish also gets stuck in the boat that Pi fights the tiger for and the tiger has to settle for the small fish.  The part that amused me here though is Pi is getting hit and whaped and slapped with tons of these fish so by the end he’s covered in fish slime and scales.

The second scene is where they are both exhausted and nearly dead and they come across this strange floating island.  On the island he fines fresh water and thousands of meerkats.  The meerkats are extremely tame and are not bothered by Pi.  He finds fresh water and jumps in.  He sees Richard Parker come up and walking through the meerkats, but they are not phased by the tiger, even after he starts scooping them up and munching on them.  As the day ends, the meerkats run for the trees, so Pi goes and makes a bed in the trees and the tiger goes back to the boat.  At night he wakes up to see the water in the pools turning into acid and dissolving the fish and he finds a luminescent flower that has a human tooth inside of it.  He decides that the island will eventually kill him and eat him and he gets supplies and fills the boat with as many meerkats as he can take for the tiger and sets off again.

Shortly after they set sail again, all refreshed, they wash up on a beach.  Pi gets off the boat and lays in the sand and the tiger gets off, stretches, and walks toward the jungle.  Pi hopes that Richard Parker will turn to look at him before he disappears, but he does not.  Eventually some people (as Pi phrases it, members of his own species) find Pi and carry him back to their village.  Pi is quite upset because he feels like Richard Parker has abandoned him after all they have been through together.  While Pi is in the hospital recovering, some reports come to get his story, but they don’t believe him.  So he makes up a story in which the zebra, hyena, tiger and himself are all other characters.  They believe this story and leave him alone.  This is where Pi’s story ends and we return to him talking to the writer.  The writer meets his family and mentions that maybe his story did have a happy ending after all.

Overall, it was a pretty good movie.  It had some confusing parts, but mostly because I had no concept of what the movie was about when I started watching it.  It did all end up making sense in the end and while it wasn’t my usual type of movie (or even very geeky) it was a good story.  I did have one though, after they had been on this little lifeboat for days and weeks…. where is all the tiger poop?  I mean… I’m sure the boy can do his business in the water, but the tiger is pacing about the boat.  Yeah with the amount it gets sloshed around, I’m sure it gets washed off from time to time, but… there would still be poop.  Yeah I know… people don’t want to see a sad poop matted tiger, but that’s what it would be!  It’s silly but it kinda bothered me.  Other than that I give it 6.5 nerd glasses out of 10.  It was a decent watch.


Through Time – A Doctor Who Parody

12 Apr

This parody song popped up on my FaceBook and I had to share it.  I do enjoy the original song (Yes I like pop music, so sue me), but I think I like this one more.  The lyrics are clever and the video is very well done.

RavenCon 2013

11 Apr

I went to Mysticon in Roanoke, VA this year for the full weekend and I have to say it got me hooked.  I met great people, the panels were great, plus I got to meet Peter Davidson and got a t-shirt signed.  How sweet is that?  The next con I saw that was fairly close was RavenCon in Richmond, VA.  I knew a few people that were going to be there, so I figured why not?  Got a room, got my badge, and hopped in my car.  This was only my second time staying the full weekend at a sci-fi con and it was great.  So let’s start with Friday.

Random, but there was a great set of GhostBusters there, caught them in action.

Random, but there was a great set of GhostBusters there, caught them in action.

Friday morning (despite having gotten 6 inches of snow the day before) I gathered up all my gear, packed up my car and started the trek.  It was about a 3 hour drive, which allowed me to listen to a few episodes of Geek Radio Daily.  I decided it would be fun to listen to the episode they recorded at RavenCon in 2012.  The hotel was fairly easy to find and I got there, got checked in (both to the hotel and con), all my gear up to the room, and went down to explore.  It was a little too late for the first panel, but I did make it to a 4pm panel of the messiest ways to kill zombies.  For one of the first panels, it had few people and there were some great ideas.  CJ Henderson described a super graphic, but epic, scene where a zombie was killed in a pristine white bathroom.  Very gruesome indeed.

The next panel I went to was Nerdiquette 101.  They had this panel at Mysticon and it ended up being great fun with some amusing stories.  One common story they brought up (that was described at Mysticon as well) was about the Speculum Guy.  For those that were there or know the story… beware the Speculum Guy.  They also brought up the meme going around that cosplay is not consent.  I would like to see these panels being more on Saturday than one of the first panels on Friday, that way more people (perhaps more of the ones that need it) can go.  Though I was quite happy there were few creepy skeevy people that I ran into and I didn’t get any weird appropriate comments or anything like that.

Super... er... well yeah..

Super… er… well yeah..

After that I grabbed a bite to eat in my room and a quick shower before changing and going down to the opening ceremonies.  I mention changing because chances are if you saw me this week, you’ll remember me because of my shirt.  I saw the idea online (I cannot claim the original creative idea) but I did find a shirt and got help to cut it out.  I did get quite a number of comments and a ton of double takes.  It was amusing when someone completely didn’t even realize that it was cut out.  Either way, I do believe the shirt was a success!

The opening ceremonies were great and we got to hear two songs by Mikey Mason.  Afterwards, I also stuck around for the Mikey Mason concert and got to pull out my sign I had created for his song “She Don’t Like Firefly”.  I made a little sign that I threw up that said “I like Firefly and I cried when Wash died” (in before spoilers!).  After the concert I wandered and met up with a few friends that are local to me that came as well and we checked out a room party or two.  The night ended hanging out in the lobby of the hotel with a bunch of people, including author KT Pinto who graciously offered and helped to warm up my bottom after I had been sitting on a metal table for a while.  It was a decently early night, getting to bed by 3 or 4am.

Double Jayne!

Double Jayne!

For Saturday, I did have plans to get up and go to some early morning panels.  I wake up at 8am and decide that was not happening and decided to go back and dose a bit until 11am or so.  When I finally got up I went ahead and got dressed up.  I decided I wanted to cosplay and I put in a bit of work to put together a Jayne outfit.  Yes, I am female (if you didn’t get that from the first photo, you may need some help), but it was my own take on the character.  I had tan cargo shorts, an army green shirt, the hat, boots, and of course, my gun.  This is where I put in most of the work of painting my Vera.  It’s not a replica, but it got the point across.  I was excited because as soon as I came down I was asked to pose for a few pictures and got a few comments on my costume!  I decided I might as well step outside of my comfort zone and enter the masquarde.  While it was fun, it did take up a lot of time and I felt like a missed a lot of the hanging out and other panels and stuff I could have been doing.  I also ran into another female Jayne, so of course, we had to get a picture together!

Other than that, I did go to the Geek Radio Daily panel, which was quite fun.  And we popped in a few room parties and did various hanging out.  After the group I had been hanging out with headed out for the night (around 2am) I headed down to the lobby with another friend and we found a few people to hang out with.  I was sitting on Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit’s lap when my friend mentioned “Oh by the way, she’s ticklish.”  For those that may have been in the lobby (or anywhere near it) and hear a very loud squeak… that would have been me.  Also, the lobby echos very nicely.  That was a particularlly late night, ending up in bed by 5am.

Super Girl! I do have a cape to go with it.

Super Girl! I do have a cape to go with it.

When I went to bed, I knew I would not be making any early panels, but I had to get up and get packed for check out.  So I was up and had my car loaded by 11am and decided to check out the panel on the companions of Doctor Who.  I really enjoyed this panel and there was a lot of discussion on why people liked certain companions and why they didn’t like others.  It was neat to have a discussion such as that.  After that, I wandered a bit and had some nibbles in the con suite and then sat in on the “Print Is Dead” pannel.  I am glad I went to this because I was a little brain dead and the panel made me think and helped to perk me up.  After that I went to the second Mikey Mason concert, which probably also helped to get me pumped up.  I also bought both of the CD’s Mikey Mason had with him and got a “Best Game Ever” pick.  I wandered a bit after that, but it seemed most everyone had already left.  Reluctantly I headed out to start the trek back home.

Honestly, I am still exhausted because after I got back I was burried with school work.  It will be a little bit better after tomorrow, I’m just trying to avoid hitting that final wall until then.  But the con itself was great.  It’s definitely much more of a social con than Mysticon, but the few panels I went to were great.  It was also fun to dress up and I do plan on doing more costumes in the future.  For now, I’m thinking of working more with the Superman t-shirt and also thinking about a PowerGirl outfit.  We’ll have to see.  If you did run across me at RavenCon, give me a poke!  If you want to check out all the pictures I got from RavenCon please go over to the Frakin Spoilers Facebook Page!

Kick-Ass 2 Trailer

10 Apr

I only recently heard that they were making Kick-Ass 2, but I had NO IDEA that it was set to come out this August!  The first one was pretty epic, though I did expect it to be dumb when the trailer came out.  I will definitely be doing a re-watch of that before I go see the new one!  What do you guys think of the trailer?  I love the villains and it looks like Red Mist got an overhaul.   I think it will be a lot of special effects, and less story/hand-to-hand fighting than the first, but it will still be a good time.

The Neighbors – It Has Begun

10 Apr

I knew I continued to watch this show for a reason.  I only watched it a bit and was not that into it, but when I heard that George Takei and Mark Hamill were going to be on the season finale, I was quite excited.  And I am happy to say that this is the episode I have been waiting for.  Yes it was still cheesy, but it seems to have actually picked up a plot continuation other than “Oh look, we’re aliens and have no idea how Earth stuff works!”.  I just hope they are able to continue this into the next season.

So this episode starts off with the Weavers asking Larry and Jackie to keep an eye on the kids while they are going to Atlantic City.  Larry and Jackie decide they are going with them because their children are being boring.  So they set the kids up with Amber (who is baby-sitting by herself for the first time).  Technically they end up leaving Dick in charge because he’s the smartest and most responsible.  in Atlantic City Larry and Marty do some gambling because Larry can see through the cards.  My favorite part of this is when Larry is calling out cards instead of “Ace of Clubs” he says “A of balls”.  Of course Marty ends up losing $5,000 and so they go off to win all of his money back.  Jackie and Debbie join in a Bachlorette party and Debbie ends up discussing her wedding, which leads to Jackie deciding she wants to have an official wedding with Larry.  Larry is mostly concerned about being able to see the puppet show, but they go through with the wedding.  Jackie gets Debbie to dress up in an actual maid outfit, since she is the maid of honor.

The main storyline is that Dick gets a toast (yes, a message on a piece of toast) from the Supreme Commander, which is his grandfather. He tells him to go to the TV and asks Dick not to contact his parents and that “It has begun” to which Dick respond “Oh… crap…”.  A few more messages later we actually get to see George Takei as the Supreme Commander.  He is on the TV talking to Dick saying that the evacuation of Earth has begun and that they are pulling them out because they are not impressed.  Reggie is talking to Dick and he says that they’re loyalties lie with their father so they call their parents to get them back.  This interrupts the wedding and the whole group rushes back.  A large traditional and brightly lit space ship is shown over the community and the Supreme Commander and his lackeys.   Larry is talking to his father and was asked “Didn’t you get my toasts?!”.  And apparently Jackie’s name on their home planet was also Debbie.  The Supreme Commander says that they are going, but Larry says they are not leaving.  The Weaver kids are saying they won’t let their new friends go, but Dick pipes up saying he can go back, he doesn’t care either way.  The Supreme Commander says that he WILL return.

Another underlying plot is Amber still has a crush on Reggie.  He decided he wanted to take his relationship to the next level with Giselle, meaning showing his true form, but he is nervous and then interrupted by Dick.  After Reggie runs out, Dick tries to hit on Giselle but saying “If it doesn’t work out with you and Reggie… Heeeeeyyy”.  Dick is such an odd little guy he’s hard not to like.  We’ve probably all known one of them.  He ends up telling her that he still loves Amber.  Reggie is telling Amber that he may have to leave and that she was his favorite thing about Earth (come on now, that’s just all kinds of sweet) and  they go to kiss and the grandfather walks in on them, which leads to the best moment in the show, a classic Takai “Ohhhh Myyyyy”.  I had been waiting the entire show for it and it was epic.  Amber and Reggie do kiss at the end and we learn that he apparently has two tongues and it ends with Amber saying it’s going to be an interesting summer.  Take that as you will.

 The very last scene is the Supreme Commander with his second in command played by Mark Hamill.  They are standing at a toaster sending the toasts messages to his son.  He says it is an urgent message and the second says that he shouldn’t be contacting him.  We see that the toast goes to the Weaver’s instead and it zooms in on the message but all we can see is “Warning! ___k is _en_t”.  So it leaves a very nice cliffhanger   I do expect it to pick up from this in the next season and I hope it is a little more interesting and more sci-fi-y.

Overall, I thought this was by far the best episode of the season.  It really picked up the plot and ran with it and they did more with this episode than the entire season.  I am excited to see what will happen next and I do hope they can continue this.  While the rest of the episodes aren’t bad per say  this one really set the bar and made it a show I am actually interested in watching, rather than just something amusing to fill time with.  I give it 8.5 aliens out of 10.



Once Upon A Time – Selfless, Brave, and True

1 Apr

I know many people have not been a big fan of Once Upon a Time with the new season and say it should have ended with the first season.  However, I still enjoy watching it and waiting to see what twists the stories will take.  I am sure that the writers have something big up their sleeve.

This episode starts of in 2011 with August (Pinocchio) somewhere in Asia with his leg turning to wood.  In the time frame of things, this is after he made Neal leave Emma and just before he ends up going back to Storybook.  He freaks out and goes to the hospital, where they just think he’s crazy, and he runs into a kid who says he knows a place where he can get help.  The kid takes him there to meet a guy named The Dragon.  The Dragon says that he can help him and that he can also see that his leg is wood and he also knows his real name.  He takes the string that was used to first animate him when Geppetto created him and he also needs $10,000.  The Dragon tells August that if he brings him the money, he will be able to make it so that he will never turn into wood.

This is where the twist for the episode begins.  When August is going to see The Dragon, he runs into Neal’s (now) fiance Tamara who is also there to get help.  This was before Tamara had met Neal.  After August talks to The Dragon, he runs into Tamara at a bar and she tells him her story, that she has cancer with only a few months to live and has been all over the world looking for alternative cures.  The Dragon had also asked for $10,000 from Tamara and Neal sees it in her purse.  She steps away to make a phone call and he steals it and goes to The Dragon.  I do like that they have August display physical pain because he is not being truthful and good.  The Dragon does give him a small potion, but says that only he can cure himself.  Tamara, however, is smart and is able to track August down and confronts him.  They end up in a chase and the pain from August’s wooden leg causes him to fall and Tamara gets the potion.  At this point, we assume that she cured herself of her cancer and that is why she is still alive and with Neal.  However, there was a small seed of suspicion planted when at the bar Tamara was talking about how The Dragon asked for a personal item and she said “Who carries something like that with them all the time?”.  Thinking back on it, it hints that she may not necessarily be a good person.

Back to the current timeline, Tamara shows up because Neal had asked her to come.  Emma warns him that she should be honest with him and he tries to tell her about who she really is, but she won’t believe it and leaves to go stay at the hotel.

Snow White finally gets her but out of bed and goes out in the woods.  She is shooting her bow and very focused when she misses and she goes to find the arrow and ends up finding August living in an abandoned trailer (I believe this is the trailer that we saw in the last episode where the young boy and his father were camping and it got damaged).  August is not completely wooden, though when the curse broke it did allow him to move again.  Snow tries to convince him to come back into town, but he refuses.  Once in town, she finds Emma and Gepetto (so convenient that Gepetto just *happens* to be there) and tells him that she found August and what had happened.  They decide they must go and talk to the blue fairy to see if she can help.  The blue fairy, however, says that there is nothings he can do.  When she first animated Pinocchio, she told he that he would remain a real boy if he stayed brave, selfless and true.  However, he may be able to help himself, but he must do it by himself.  It is also here that Gepetto admits that he sent August through the wardrobe with Emma, but the issue is pushed aside and not mentioned again.  I expected it to be a much bigger deal that it seemed to be.  I think they could have used this for a bigger plot point at a later point where Snow is forced to make a difficult decision and this plus her blackened heart would come into play.

While Snow talks to Emma and Gepetto about August, Tamara is sitting in the diner and over hears the conversation.  At this point it is clear that she is up to something because she does not have a look of shock that Neal was trying to tell her the truth, but more like she has a plan in mind.  Afterwards, she shows up to the trailer to see August. reveals to him that she is Neal’s fiance, and asks him to leave town.  She reminds him of his desire to protect himself and offers him “salvation”.  She tells him to leave and gives him her car.

August gets in the car and is driving out of town but he is putting the pieces together in his head.  He knew Neal already and he knew she wasn’t up to any good.  He also remembered that he found The Dragon dead when he went back to ask him to make another cure for him and he suspects Tamara.  He turns around to go and find Emma to warn them.  He gets to the police station and is able to call and say he needs to warm Emma about Tamara, but she shows up and cuts the phone line.  It is here that she tells him her evil plan (because that’s what bad guys do right?).  She admits to killing The Dragon.  Tamara never really had cancer and had really been traveling the world looking for real magic.  She took the bottle that The Dragon had given August and that it showed that the liquid contained nothing that was found in this world.  She threatened to kill him, and he started to transform into something or use magic, but she used a stun gun to kill him before he could complete.  I do think this was a bit of a cop-out because I wanted to know more about The Dragon.  Why did he know about Pinocchio and what realm is he from?  Perhaps he will come back in some form later, I hope so because I would really like to know more.

After Tamara finishes telling her evil plan she attacks August with the stun gun and he collapses.  My concern here is, well, he’s made of wood.  I suppose there is some kind of magic that is animating him, but I don’t think the stun gun would kill him.  Maybe I am thinking about it too much, but it seems like an unlikely way to kill a magical wooden being.  He is able to stumble outside where Emma, Snow, David, Henry (apparently Henry is rarely in school), Neal, and Gepetto find him.  He is about to tell them about Tamara but he dies.  Henry pipes up and says that he was brave, truthful, and unselfish and can have a second chance and that they need the blue fairy, who conveniently shows up right at that second.  The blue fairy is able to use her magic and turns him back into a real boy, but literally a boy.  Tamara had popped up in the background beside Neal looking shocked, but when they ask boy August if he remembers what he was going to tell them, but luckily for Tamara he does not.  After that, they all kind of disperse, because someone dying and coming back as a small child is totally normal, nothing to see here folks.

After that, there are a few events that make things start to click into place and bringing out the new twists.  Tamara comes around to Neal and tells him that she’s going to stick around a while.  Regina also realized that Greg (the guy that crashed into Storybook) is the boy she tried to abduct.  He is back to look for his father, though Regina says he is not there.  Later, he is talking to the mysterious girl on his phone when she shows up to his hotel room only to reveal that it is Tamara.  And lastly, they also show that August finds Neal after he had started turning to wood again.  Neal says that he is going back to Storybook and we see that Tamara had been following August the whole time.  It is here that she plots her approach and hook for Neal and runs into him.

Overall, it was a fairly good episode.  It brought in a lot of twists and turns and kept me quite interested it.  There are some things that bothered me though (shocking wood, really?!), but it seems that we have a new bad guy and gal in town and I am curious to see what they will try to do.  I give it 7.5 nerd glasses out of 10.