After traveling to Europe, I became quite passionate about photography.  I have since obtained a pretty decent camera, a Canon PowerShot SX50 HS.  It’s a fixed lens, ultra zoom camera.  While it is a fixed lens, I still have a lot of control over my exposure and settings.  My favorite thing to shoot so far has been animal photography.  I have also been venturing into the world of event photography and have helped photograph at two conventions so far.  I am hoping to expand my portfolio of work and have fund doing it.  If you would like to check out my photography, there are several places to do so:

500px – 500px is a photography community to discover, share, and buy amazing photography.  Here I will be putting up the “best of the best”. These will be high quality images that I like.  Typically this is where I post images to see how popular they are.

Flickr – Flickr is a catch all for all of my photographic work.  The link will go to my photostream which shows the most recent work that I have uploaded.  Much of my work is unedited it (it’s a pain to do), but there are some edits that get thrown in as well. Flickr includes all of my geeky and non-geeky work.

Flickr Sets – If you don’t want to look at everything, this takes you to my sets on Flickr.  These are typically organized by event and possibly a sub category.

Epic Win Photography on Facebook – This is my Facebook page for my con photography, Epic Win Event Photography.  Here you will find albums of con and other (occasionally non-geeky) photography only.  This page will be updated with dates that I will be at and photography conventions and act as a conduit for exposure of my geeky and con/event photography.


And for those that hate clicking links, here is a gallery a selection of my work.  This will stay updated to include recent works, both geek and non-geek.  Clicking on the image will take you to Flickr.

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