Doctor Who – The Bells of Saint John

28 Apr

How can I be writing about geeky things and not have written about Doctor Who yet?  Well… I’ve been busy.  I am up to date, minus the most recent episode (since Xfinity decided not to POST IT YET /rage).  But I’m going to go back and write about the episodes that I have watched since starting this blog.  The first of which was The Bells of Saint John.  I have to say I was a little underwhelmed by this episode.  I had hyped myself up a lot because of the Snowmen episode and I really wanted to know what is going on with Clara.  The premise of this episode is that The Great Inteligence has hired a group to farm human minds.  Basically, humans are getting sucked up through the wi-fi.

So the episode starts with The Doctor living with monks when the phone in the Tardis rings (apparently it does that).  It’s actually Clara on the phone asking about the internet and how to make it work on her computer.    The catcher here, that I didn’t think much of until later, is how did Clara get the number to the Tardis?  She says that the lady in the shop gave it to her and said it was best help line in the universe.  A lot of people have had a lot of suspinions.  My theory is that it is possibly Rose or River.  Those are the most likely to have the number to the Tardis, but then the question is how do they know who Clara is?  She could be the daughter of Rose and meta-crisis Doctor or even River and The Doctor.  But we’ll have to wait and see.

It was amusing to get to watch The Doctor play tech support.  He walks her through setting up her wi-fi and realizes it’s her when she uses “run you clever boy and remember” to remember the password.  Somehow he is able to track her and shows up at her door.   There was an amusing scene where he says he’s The Doctor and she says “Doctor who?”  She is a little weirded out and talks to him through the door camera.   When she refuses to talk anymore, he goes to change out of his monk clothes (don’t be a monk, monks aren’t cool).  While he is in the Tardis, one of the waystations shows up and starts to download Clara.  He comes back just in time and is able to get her computer and reverse the download.

They chat for a while after she wakes up, but are shortly in danger again as a plane is about to crash into them.  They flee into the Tardis, which is this Clara’s first time which didn’t give much time for a “it’s bigger on the inside” scene.  They land on the plane and fix the wi-fi and stop the plane from crashing.  This scene was a little weird.  I think I would have prefered if they had skipped this and had something else instead.  It just seemed a little odd and flighty.  It’s hard to explain.  Perhaps the point was just to freak out Clara more.  Once they fix the plane it’s back in the Tardis and they land somewhere the next morning and The Doctor gets a motorcycle out of the garage (yep, there’s a garage in the Tardis) and they go to have coffee.

The Doctor is using the computer to try and find where the people who are running the wi-fi operation are to get to them and stop them.  Clara had computer knowledge added to her when she was downloaded, so she takes over hacking while The Doctor goes in to get coffee.  This is probably the creepiest part of the episode.  The woman running the operation talks to The Doctor through various customers and employees at the shop to proove how powerful she is.  Wi-fi is almost everywhere now, so it’s scary to imagine that this is possible.  Unfortunatly she is only distracting The Doctor so they can download Clara.   Clara had found where they were, so he hops on his bike and speeds off to rescue her again.  We find out when he gets there, that he really hacked the wi-fi waystation and sent it there.  He downloads the lead woman there, which forces the group to un-download all of the people they have.

After they do that, Unit shows up at the building and is trying to get information out of wi-fi group.  The woman in charge is talking to The Great Inteligence and is told to restore them to their original personalities.  When Unit comes in to get her, she is talking like a little girl and asks for her mommy and daddy.  This is something that no one else has really mentioned, but this group must have been started a long time ago, if she was a small child and is now in her 50s or so.  The Great Intelligence was the same that was in the snow in the Snowmen episode, but it is still out there.  I feel like it is something we should be concerned about, but I don’t think The Doctor ever found out who had hired this group.

The episode ends with The Doctor coming back to Clara’s house.  He asks her to come with him and she says to come back tomorrow and ask her again.  He thinks this is silly, since he can just fastfoward to the next morning, but does it anyways.  Some people have pointed out that since Clara is a governess type personality and this Doctor is very childlike, this was for her to set down her ground rules.  I did like that she wasn’t completely eager to go of with him that second.

Now don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy parts of this episode.  But th emain part that underwhelmed me was the amount of dramatic coding and such.  I loved the twist at the end, that it wasn’t really The Doctor himself, but the overall action and suspense was limited for me.  Especially after the Snowmen episode.  This episode did bring up a lot of new questions and still didn’t answer any. Who was the lady at the shop and how does she know about Clara?  What is really the deal with Clara?  Though I am glad that she did not die in this episode.  It would get very emotionally draining if we had to watch her die every week and the Doctor had to find her again.  Overall, I have to go with 6.5 Tardis (Tardi? What’s the purple of Tardis?!) out of 10.  It just didn’t live up to my expectations.


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