ConGregate 2015 Schedule

3 Jul

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve had a post because I’ve been super busy.  First finishing up the end of the school year and then I took a group of students to Dallas, Texas for our national conference for the Technology Student Association.  It was long and I didn’t get in until almost 4am last night, but it was a blast and we now have a national officer! It’s very exciting.

But moving on to more fun things this summer like ConGregate!  We’ve got a week to go and I’m going to be a science guest.  Unfortunately I was unable to attend ConCarolinas, but I will definitely be at ConGregate and I have a huge schedule of fun panels, so please find me there!  You can find the full schedule or my individual schedule on


  • 1pm – Medicine of the Future
  • 3pm – Build a Better Space Habitat
  • 4pm – Warrior Women (M)
  • 9pm – Weapons in SF
  • 10pm – Doctor Who Through a Woman’s Eyes
  • 11pm – Ask a Mad Scientist
  • 12M – Step On It


  • 11am – STEM for Kids


  • 10am – Costuming vs. Cosplay
  • 12N – Unique Costuming Materials (M)
  • 1pm – Women in Science and Tech (M)
  • 2pm – Back to the Future

I hope to see everyone there!


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