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The Neighbors – It Has Begun

10 Apr

I knew I continued to watch this show for a reason.  I only watched it a bit and was not that into it, but when I heard that George Takei and Mark Hamill were going to be on the season finale, I was quite excited.  And I am happy to say that this is the episode I have been waiting for.  Yes it was still cheesy, but it seems to have actually picked up a plot continuation other than “Oh look, we’re aliens and have no idea how Earth stuff works!”.  I just hope they are able to continue this into the next season.

So this episode starts off with the Weavers asking Larry and Jackie to keep an eye on the kids while they are going to Atlantic City.  Larry and Jackie decide they are going with them because their children are being boring.  So they set the kids up with Amber (who is baby-sitting by herself for the first time).  Technically they end up leaving Dick in charge because he’s the smartest and most responsible.  in Atlantic City Larry and Marty do some gambling because Larry can see through the cards.  My favorite part of this is when Larry is calling out cards instead of “Ace of Clubs” he says “A of balls”.  Of course Marty ends up losing $5,000 and so they go off to win all of his money back.  Jackie and Debbie join in a Bachlorette party and Debbie ends up discussing her wedding, which leads to Jackie deciding she wants to have an official wedding with Larry.  Larry is mostly concerned about being able to see the puppet show, but they go through with the wedding.  Jackie gets Debbie to dress up in an actual maid outfit, since she is the maid of honor.

The main storyline is that Dick gets a toast (yes, a message on a piece of toast) from the Supreme Commander, which is his grandfather. He tells him to go to the TV and asks Dick not to contact his parents and that “It has begun” to which Dick respond “Oh… crap…”.  A few more messages later we actually get to see George Takei as the Supreme Commander.  He is on the TV talking to Dick saying that the evacuation of Earth has begun and that they are pulling them out because they are not impressed.  Reggie is talking to Dick and he says that they’re loyalties lie with their father so they call their parents to get them back.  This interrupts the wedding and the whole group rushes back.  A large traditional and brightly lit space ship is shown over the community and the Supreme Commander and his lackeys.   Larry is talking to his father and was asked “Didn’t you get my toasts?!”.  And apparently Jackie’s name on their home planet was also Debbie.  The Supreme Commander says that they are going, but Larry says they are not leaving.  The Weaver kids are saying they won’t let their new friends go, but Dick pipes up saying he can go back, he doesn’t care either way.  The Supreme Commander says that he WILL return.

Another underlying plot is Amber still has a crush on Reggie.  He decided he wanted to take his relationship to the next level with Giselle, meaning showing his true form, but he is nervous and then interrupted by Dick.  After Reggie runs out, Dick tries to hit on Giselle but saying “If it doesn’t work out with you and Reggie… Heeeeeyyy”.  Dick is such an odd little guy he’s hard not to like.  We’ve probably all known one of them.  He ends up telling her that he still loves Amber.  Reggie is telling Amber that he may have to leave and that she was his favorite thing about Earth (come on now, that’s just all kinds of sweet) and  they go to kiss and the grandfather walks in on them, which leads to the best moment in the show, a classic Takai “Ohhhh Myyyyy”.  I had been waiting the entire show for it and it was epic.  Amber and Reggie do kiss at the end and we learn that he apparently has two tongues and it ends with Amber saying it’s going to be an interesting summer.  Take that as you will.

 The very last scene is the Supreme Commander with his second in command played by Mark Hamill.  They are standing at a toaster sending the toasts messages to his son.  He says it is an urgent message and the second says that he shouldn’t be contacting him.  We see that the toast goes to the Weaver’s instead and it zooms in on the message but all we can see is “Warning! ___k is _en_t”.  So it leaves a very nice cliffhanger   I do expect it to pick up from this in the next season and I hope it is a little more interesting and more sci-fi-y.

Overall, I thought this was by far the best episode of the season.  It really picked up the plot and ran with it and they did more with this episode than the entire season.  I am excited to see what will happen next and I do hope they can continue this.  While the rest of the episodes aren’t bad per say  this one really set the bar and made it a show I am actually interested in watching, rather than just something amusing to fill time with.  I give it 8.5 aliens out of 10.



The Neighbors – Mo Purses Mo Money Mo Problems

25 Mar

I am almost ashamed to admit that I watch this show, but I am less ashamed of this than… well I’ll save that for later.  If you haven’t see it, the only “sci-fi” element is that it is a neighborhood full of crash landed aliens and one human family moves in.  It’s a quick watch and doesn’t make me angry, so it’s kind of relaxing and just silly.

This episode starts by the Debbie Weavers (human family) wanting to have a yard sale and Jackie (alien mom) wants to help out, but Larry Bird says that women cannot work outside the home.  Jackie proceeds to help anyways and they make a deal to sell handmade purses to a business woman and Larry Bird is helping with the girl scout like troop and ends up getting them to help make purses in a sweat shop style setting.  Meanwhile, Amber Weaver’s ex-boyfriend is trying hard to get her back.

It all comes to a climax when Marty Weaver “solves the puzzle” and lays everyone’s problem out on the table for them.  The best part is Reggie’s nerdy little girlfriend telling Amber that she will fight for the things she really likes, which is total a nerd thing.  Overall, I give it 4.5 aliens out of 10.