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Frak you! I mean… welcome!

23 Mar

Hello sweetie!  Welcome to Frakin Spoilers!  I am Serenity Pond and I will be leading you through my thoughts, feelings and such on my geeky feelings on TV, movies, books, and possibly games (if I ever get around to and have time for them…).  The last year or so I have been going back and watching TV series that I never saw when they aired.  Last summer I watched all ten seasons for Stargate SG-1 and more recently I have completed all of Battlestar Galactica (which I will be writing a bit about).  I will end up mostly talking about TV series, because I simply watch a lot of series.  There are several I keep up with on a weekly (or somewhat weekly) basis and I do enjoy going back and watching other series that I’ve missed when my usual weekly shows are on hiatus.  This will be your only warning, there will be spoilers in probably damn near every post.  I mean come on, read the blog name again.  I will summarize and discuss my thoughts and feelings.  Now… on with the show! Hah, get it?!