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Doctor Who 2048

8 May

Being a teacher at a school where students have their own laptops can be nice, until it comes to video games.  They are always coming up with ways to play games on their computers when they shouldn’t be.  Plus there are a ton of games online.  I’ve noticed as well that there tend to be fads with games.  There was Flappy Bird for a while and then 2048.  And then there  were the other versions of 2048.  I saw doge 2048 and a few others.  But then I happened across the Doctor Who version of 2048, and… well… I might be sort of addicted.


The basic concept of 2048 is that you add blocks together (2 + 2) to get to a higher number.  You can only add the same numbers together and the goal is to get 2048.  It requires a lot of thinking to it.  With the Doctor Who version you add the doctors together to get the next level.  For example, two Doctor Ones gives you a Doctor Two.  I’m told by someone who has beaten it, that it ends with 11 (Matt Smith).  So far my highest score is 11,252 and I got to the 10th doctor.  This has only happened once but I have gotten to the point that I can regularly get to 9.

I think it’s a neat concept and it’s good at getting you out of your head to focus on beating it.