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RavenCon 2013

11 Apr

I went to Mysticon in Roanoke, VA this year for the full weekend and I have to say it got me hooked.  I met great people, the panels were great, plus I got to meet Peter Davidson and got a t-shirt signed.  How sweet is that?  The next con I saw that was fairly close was RavenCon in Richmond, VA.  I knew a few people that were going to be there, so I figured why not?  Got a room, got my badge, and hopped in my car.  This was only my second time staying the full weekend at a sci-fi con and it was great.  So let’s start with Friday.

Random, but there was a great set of GhostBusters there, caught them in action.

Random, but there was a great set of GhostBusters there, caught them in action.

Friday morning (despite having gotten 6 inches of snow the day before) I gathered up all my gear, packed up my car and started the trek.  It was about a 3 hour drive, which allowed me to listen to a few episodes of Geek Radio Daily.  I decided it would be fun to listen to the episode they recorded at RavenCon in 2012.  The hotel was fairly easy to find and I got there, got checked in (both to the hotel and con), all my gear up to the room, and went down to explore.  It was a little too late for the first panel, but I did make it to a 4pm panel of the messiest ways to kill zombies.  For one of the first panels, it had few people and there were some great ideas.  CJ Henderson described a super graphic, but epic, scene where a zombie was killed in a pristine white bathroom.  Very gruesome indeed.

The next panel I went to was Nerdiquette 101.  They had this panel at Mysticon and it ended up being great fun with some amusing stories.  One common story they brought up (that was described at Mysticon as well) was about the Speculum Guy.  For those that were there or know the story… beware the Speculum Guy.  They also brought up the meme going around that cosplay is not consent.  I would like to see these panels being more on Saturday than one of the first panels on Friday, that way more people (perhaps more of the ones that need it) can go.  Though I was quite happy there were few creepy skeevy people that I ran into and I didn’t get any weird appropriate comments or anything like that.

Super... er... well yeah..

Super… er… well yeah..

After that I grabbed a bite to eat in my room and a quick shower before changing and going down to the opening ceremonies.  I mention changing because chances are if you saw me this week, you’ll remember me because of my shirt.  I saw the idea online (I cannot claim the original creative idea) but I did find a shirt and got help to cut it out.  I did get quite a number of comments and a ton of double takes.  It was amusing when someone completely didn’t even realize that it was cut out.  Either way, I do believe the shirt was a success!

The opening ceremonies were great and we got to hear two songs by Mikey Mason.  Afterwards, I also stuck around for the Mikey Mason concert and got to pull out my sign I had created for his song “She Don’t Like Firefly”.  I made a little sign that I threw up that said “I like Firefly and I cried when Wash died” (in before spoilers!).  After the concert I wandered and met up with a few friends that are local to me that came as well and we checked out a room party or two.  The night ended hanging out in the lobby of the hotel with a bunch of people, including author KT Pinto who graciously offered and helped to warm up my bottom after I had been sitting on a metal table for a while.  It was a decently early night, getting to bed by 3 or 4am.

Double Jayne!

Double Jayne!

For Saturday, I did have plans to get up and go to some early morning panels.  I wake up at 8am and decide that was not happening and decided to go back and dose a bit until 11am or so.  When I finally got up I went ahead and got dressed up.  I decided I wanted to cosplay and I put in a bit of work to put together a Jayne outfit.  Yes, I am female (if you didn’t get that from the first photo, you may need some help), but it was my own take on the character.  I had tan cargo shorts, an army green shirt, the hat, boots, and of course, my gun.  This is where I put in most of the work of painting my Vera.  It’s not a replica, but it got the point across.  I was excited because as soon as I came down I was asked to pose for a few pictures and got a few comments on my costume!  I decided I might as well step outside of my comfort zone and enter the masquarde.  While it was fun, it did take up a lot of time and I felt like a missed a lot of the hanging out and other panels and stuff I could have been doing.  I also ran into another female Jayne, so of course, we had to get a picture together!

Other than that, I did go to the Geek Radio Daily panel, which was quite fun.  And we popped in a few room parties and did various hanging out.  After the group I had been hanging out with headed out for the night (around 2am) I headed down to the lobby with another friend and we found a few people to hang out with.  I was sitting on Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit’s lap when my friend mentioned “Oh by the way, she’s ticklish.”  For those that may have been in the lobby (or anywhere near it) and hear a very loud squeak… that would have been me.  Also, the lobby echos very nicely.  That was a particularlly late night, ending up in bed by 5am.

Super Girl! I do have a cape to go with it.

Super Girl! I do have a cape to go with it.

When I went to bed, I knew I would not be making any early panels, but I had to get up and get packed for check out.  So I was up and had my car loaded by 11am and decided to check out the panel on the companions of Doctor Who.  I really enjoyed this panel and there was a lot of discussion on why people liked certain companions and why they didn’t like others.  It was neat to have a discussion such as that.  After that, I wandered a bit and had some nibbles in the con suite and then sat in on the “Print Is Dead” pannel.  I am glad I went to this because I was a little brain dead and the panel made me think and helped to perk me up.  After that I went to the second Mikey Mason concert, which probably also helped to get me pumped up.  I also bought both of the CD’s Mikey Mason had with him and got a “Best Game Ever” pick.  I wandered a bit after that, but it seemed most everyone had already left.  Reluctantly I headed out to start the trek back home.

Honestly, I am still exhausted because after I got back I was burried with school work.  It will be a little bit better after tomorrow, I’m just trying to avoid hitting that final wall until then.  But the con itself was great.  It’s definitely much more of a social con than Mysticon, but the few panels I went to were great.  It was also fun to dress up and I do plan on doing more costumes in the future.  For now, I’m thinking of working more with the Superman t-shirt and also thinking about a PowerGirl outfit.  We’ll have to see.  If you did run across me at RavenCon, give me a poke!  If you want to check out all the pictures I got from RavenCon please go over to the Frakin Spoilers Facebook Page!