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MystiCon 2015 in Review

6 Mar

I haven’t posted in a while, maybe Lucy really took it out of me, but since I’m going to be a guest at some conventions coming up soon, I need to get my butt in gear.  So here I am to talk about MystiCon 2015!  MystiCon was my first convention and is always a blast.  Plus I get to see a lot of old friends since I moved from that area.  So let’s start with this…


I had thought about getting there very early, but decided to wait and arrived about 2pm and parking was all gone, blast! Now I know for next year.  So I parked in the extra lot and took the shuttle up only to run into fridge also on the shuttle.  Score!  Checked in and unloaded all my stuff in the room and made some rounds.  Ran into so many people and did some catching up.

After some catching up, I decided to hit up panels.  Up first was Putting the Science in Science Fiction.  The panellist focused on what science fiction gets wrong with known science.  My favorite was Darin Kennedy’s concern about where all the poop goes on a spaceship (a valid concern).  Other topics included where some talk about genetics and things getting into police procedurals.  I think it’s interesting to talk about and I know things are not realistic, but it’s never really bothered me for some reason.  Well except some of the crazy shit in Lucy…

Next up was Penny-pinching, how to save money in costuming and cosplay.  There were some awesome cosplayers and costumers on the panel and they had great tips.  I really wish I had taken notes…  The biggest tip I remember was about using industrial cable ties for boning in a corset.

I was going to check out Nerdiquette 101 or Is There a Doctor on the Starship? but I got whisked off to dinner with my previous roommate and his girlfriend.  It was a nice dinner and we got in just before the dinner rush.

After dinner, I checked out the start of Iron Costumer as well as snuck off to the room to charge my phone and then caught the end of Iron Costumer.  My friend rooming with me finally showed up late and we got him into the room and hung out before catching the Bloody Desires and Sexual Magic (an erotic art show) put on by my friend Mark Davis.  It was pretty cool, though hopefully next year will have a lot more art.  We chatted with some of the artists and then checked out the Con-Gregate party and called it a pretty early night.


Saturday seemed like it was a very long day.  Started with getting my friend his badge and then heading up to the Con Suite for some breakfast.  Free food is always good, but after the Con Suite at MarsCon… very few stack up.  But I got some noms and then went down to meet my friend to help her prep for the Masquerade since I was her minion for the weekend.  We got all the judges folders and applications ready and then had to run to Food Lion for a few things.  Had some lunch and then I helped her prep for her Henna class.  I did miss a lot of cool panels during the day Saturday, but it was fun to help get everything ready.  I do wish I had gotten to see one of the Q&A with Sean Maher though.

After the Henna workshop, I did wander off to the Match Game, which was hilarious as usual. This years naughty theme seemed to be peanut butter.  Think about it.  After that I stopped by Cosplayers Unite! Cosplay is For Everyone! and it was very empowering.  Jillian Ryan was awesome.  She really pushes the idea that it doesn’t matter if you cosplay to your body type or gender or anything like that.  It really made me want to get out there and start costuming, so maybe PowerGirl will be happening sometime soonish.

Just before the panel was over I had to run and change and get ready for the Masquerade green room.  I got to use my teacher voice and help get everyone lined up and started prejudging.  It was fun and there were some awesome costumes.  I didn’t actually get to see people go across stage, but it was cool to be behind the scene and talk to everyone.

After everything was done, I grabbed my friend and scarfed down some food.  We then wanted arounded through some parties and also went to KT Pinto’s last reading.  I had also chained into my chainmail top because I was feeling extra confident.  Afterwards and hung out with some friends and finished a bracelet one had asked for.  I wandered out as they were heading out for the night and ran into some more people, specifically one of the Hellboy’s from the Masquerade.  He introduced me to some of his friends and we chatted for a bit.  Shortly after I think I wandered back up to the room and crashed decently early.


Sunday started a little early (my roommate snored and kept me up a bit) but I got my bags packed up and ready to check out and grabbed another bagel from the Con Suite.  Afterwards I hit up the Cosplay Armory panel which had a lot of great info.  I had no idea the amount of things you could do with craft foam!  I got to chat with some of the panelists and they are all super awesome.  Turns out Jillian Ryan is actually local to me!  I also got to chat a bit with Hazel Dayze about making a PowerGirl costume.  Yey for having future help.

I got checked out of the hotel while I had some time and stashed my stuff in a friends car.  Then I wandered until I decided to get in line for an autograph from Sean Maher, woo first in line.  I had him sign a Firefly t-shirt I had, hopefully I’ll be able to add to it at some point.

After that I did some wandering in the vendor room.  I decided to buy a pair of wire wrapped elf ears and that was the only vendor room purchase I made all weekend.  I did some rounds and said my goodbyes before heading out shortly there after.

Overall it was a pretty great convention.  There were loads of panels I missed that would have been awesome to see, but I lacked a time turner to make everything.  I also had wished I’d went to more things that Sean Maher participated in.  Next year they are having George R.R. Martin as a guest, which I’m not terribly excited about.  It’s going to sell out crazy quick and I’ve never read or seen Game of Thrones.  I’m hoping they still have a media guest of some sort, but they may not, we shall see.  I’m also hoping to be able to be a guest there as well and I think my odds will be good seeing as I will have been a guest at Con Carolinas and Con-Gregate by then.