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ConGregate 2016 In Review

22 Jul

Ahh another ConGregate come and gone.  Granted this is on my second one (and the third ever ConGregate!) but it’s such a fun little con.  This convention takes place mid July in High Point, NC and the wonder programmer (Love you Tera!) always keeps me super busy.  Okay… I volunteer for most of it, but she lets me!  Here’s a quick look at what I was on this year:


  • How Star Trek Created Our World
  • I Wouldn’t Run Unless Zombies Were Chasing Me
  • AI:  Science Fiction and Fact
  • Ask a Mad Scientist


  • Duct Tape Bowties are Cool!
  • The Practical Physiology of Immortality
  • HollyWeird Squares
  • STEM for Kids
  • What’s Up With That?


  • DC vs Marvel

I was a little worried I wasn’t going to make my first panel because 85 south SUCKS.  Big ones.  But I squeaked in 8 minutes before the panel and even though it was a small audience it was a fun talk about Star Trek technology.  I didn’t even get lynched for not being a huge Star Trek fan!

Next was a geek exercise panel which was fitting with Pokemon Go having come out literally days before.  I got to moderate this one and we learned about some of the geekier ways people have used to get their workout on.  Shortly after this I went to Ted Roberts self defense panel which was a helluva lot of fun.  We had some people from his dojo who taught us some different moves and we got to pair up and practice.  Much fun and sweating was had by all.

The next science panel was about AI and thank goodness I was moderating this, because I really don’t know as much as Jim Beal, Stephen Simmons, or Darin Kennedy about AI!  These panels are fun for me to moderate because I can come up with the questions even if I don’t know much about the topic.

The last thing was the Ask a Mad Scientist which is always fun.  Late night ramblings about science.  I didn’t hit up many parties Friday night since I had such an early morning the next day.

Saturday I had the two “workshop” kinda panels targeted at kids.  I had two come for duct tapes, but there wasn’t much interest in the STEM for kids sadly.  I was going to make slime with them too!  Woulda been awesome.  Next year though.

My favorite panel of the weekend was the immortality panel though.  I love being on panels with Ted Roberts and we had some great discussions about immortality and is it physiologically possible.  We easily could have talked for another hour or two without even discussing the ethics and other implications of it.

Other panels that day were the HollyWeird Squares which was fun, but so much anxiety!  I’m not one for improv or on the spot thinking and some of the questions made me doubt my geek cred.

Saturday night I hung out at the Nth Degree party with some of my friends new and old and caught some Pokemon.  I mean why not? I could touch two spots both with lures!  I even caught a Charmander!  Much excite.

Sunday morning I had the DC vs Marvel which was a fun panel, but I felt lacking in my DC and general comic knowledge.

Overall, it was a great conMyMy and I look forward to being able to attend next year.  It is a great way to celebrate my summer because by that time I’m finally done with class and TSA responsibilities.

ConGregate 2015 Schedule

3 Jul

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve had a post because I’ve been super busy.  First finishing up the end of the school year and then I took a group of students to Dallas, Texas for our national conference for the Technology Student Association.  It was long and I didn’t get in until almost 4am last night, but it was a blast and we now have a national officer! It’s very exciting.

But moving on to more fun things this summer like ConGregate!  We’ve got a week to go and I’m going to be a science guest.  Unfortunately I was unable to attend ConCarolinas, but I will definitely be at ConGregate and I have a huge schedule of fun panels, so please find me there!  You can find the full schedule or my individual schedule on


  • 1pm – Medicine of the Future
  • 3pm – Build a Better Space Habitat
  • 4pm – Warrior Women (M)
  • 9pm – Weapons in SF
  • 10pm – Doctor Who Through a Woman’s Eyes
  • 11pm – Ask a Mad Scientist
  • 12M – Step On It


  • 11am – STEM for Kids


  • 10am – Costuming vs. Cosplay
  • 12N – Unique Costuming Materials (M)
  • 1pm – Women in Science and Tech (M)
  • 2pm – Back to the Future

I hope to see everyone there!