Arrow – The Huntress Returns

24 Mar

I need to start this off with a disclaimer.  I have been watching Arrow fairly regularly since it began and I quite enjoy it.  That being said, I have not read the original comic that it is based on (as is true for pretty much all superhero comics… and comics in general).  Any of my writing will come from the view as Arrow as it’s own thing, since I cannot compare it to the comic.  I also watch because it has John Barrowman in it… mmmm… Oh right… Arrow.

The episode starts off in a fitting manner with the title of the episode and we see The Huntress (Helena) kill her father’s attorney to try to get his location, I am assuming she wants to break him out.  Later in the episode she shows up in Oliver’s house asking for help to find her father to kill him.  When Oliver refuses, Helena threatens his friends and family.  At the club opening, she captures Tommy and convinces him to help her.  The heist is planned and Helena gets caught and Oliver breaks her out and leaves her.  She breaks in and forces Felicity to give her the address to the safe house where her dad is held and takes off and of course, Oliver goes after her and epic battle between the Arrow and The Huntress ensues.  Okay, maybe not so epic, but they fight a bit.  To make things even more messy and complicated, Oliver’s detective girlfriend shows up and ends up getting shot.  No, she doesn’t die, but she does decide to move away for rehabilitation due to her injury.  I think her death would had added to the animosity between Arrow and The Huntress that could really be drawn on later, but perhaps there is a part for her later in the series.

In the last episode, we are introduced to Laurell’s mother, River Song, well at least the actress that plays River Song (Alex Kingston).  Here Laurell’s mother confronts her dad with her idea that her sister may still be alive.  She even has proof with a picture that was taken by a tourist.  It takes some convincing from Laurell, but her dad finally agrees to sit down and listen to her mother’s ideas.  I am quite curious as to how this will play out.  This plot point will have to tie into the main idea, perhaps relating to who caused the boat to sink in the first place.  Maybe the sister was in on it and was used almost as bait.  Otherwise, it seems unnecessary to the show.

Another side story is Oliver talking to Tommy about him now knowing his identity.  Tommy refuses to see past the idea that Oliver is a murder and said he would not believe any of his reasons or justifications.  Tommy is mostly upset that Oliver would keep a huge secret from him.  It seemed like he would never come around to it, but by the end of the episode, especially after what happens with Oliver’s girlfriend.  Yey they are friends again!

The flashback scenes in this episode were few, but seemed unrelated to the overall progress of the show.  It starts by Slade and Oliver observing one of Flynn’s camps where he has managed to acquire a missile launcher and Slade suspects he is trying to start a war with someone.  They sneak into the camp to destroy it, but Oliver removes a circuit board (I don’t know much about missile launchers, though I’m sure they have them, but this seems like a simple way out) to use for leverage.  It ends by trying to barter with Flynn to trade the circuit board for a way off the island.  We will have to wait to see how this plays out.  I do not think Flynn will give a way off the island so easily and I’m sure he has some tricks up his sleeve.

I was a bit disappointed because Felicity had very little screen time.  Her geek girl personality really appeals to me and one of my favorite episodes was when she upgraded Oliver’s hideout and essentially forced herself in, at least until they find his step-dad.

Overall, this episode lead to some interesting thoughts for me.  The Huntress is back and wants to kill her father and there is growing tension between her and Arrow.  I am sure that we have not seen the last of her.  I give it 8 out of 10 arrows.


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