Welcome to my site and let me introduce you to myself, I am JT the Enginerd.

Oh you want to know more about me? Well, okay it all started a long, long time ago….

It really wasn’t that long ago (hey, I am not 30… yet >.>), but I have always been a geek/nerd/dork, whatever your perfect identifier is. I grew up playing video games and I have fond memories playing my Nintendo and Unreal Tournament (Die bitch!). Gaming progressed into becoming a hardcore raider (Horde FTW) in World of Warcraft, though I had quit for a while and not really sure why I opened up my account again.  I also have a Wii, Xbox, and a DS and I really should play all three more often.

I also always had a passion for reading. I can remember several times that when my mom asked me what I wanted to do on my birthday, I wanted to go to the Library. The amount I read has significantly declined for the same reasons as the gaming, a general lack of time. I am hoping that I can rectify this in the coming months.   I do enjoy the usual Harry Potter and such, though I have not (please don’t stone me) read Lord of the Rings yet.  I have read The Hobbit though!

I have also noticed a lot of my time is spent watching TV, not just to watch it, but because there are lots of interesting shows on.  Especially with the increase in Sci-Fi programming on The CW.  I also love to go back and watch all the glorious geeky shows I missed the first time around.  Movies I see less often than most, generally because I hate going to a theater alone, but I’m working on that.

Outside of the geekier things, I really enjoy making things.  I love doing photography and I have gotten back into making jewelry as well as crafts with duct tape.  All of which have their own pages at the top of the site.  I’m also going to attempt to teach myself how to sew again, so that I can start getting back into cosplay.  First on the list… PowerGirl!  I’ve also started to get more into the whole “being a girl thing” and learning about skin care, make up, etc. It’s an extremely daunting task.

In my non-free time, I’m a high school teacher.  But not something boring like History (unless you like History, then all the more power to you).  No, I get to be a nerd with my students and teach them about Engineering.  We get to build catapults and bridges and I even have a 3D printer in my classroom.  What’s that?  Why yes, I am likely the most awesome teacher ever.

Just remember, I hold nothing back and it is your responsibility to watch out for frakin spoilers.

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